With my embedded intelligence

Inetis traceur gps longue autonomie

I manage my energy consumption

I do not warn you at every move.

Only when you decided to!


I am a professional

Traceur Gps Inetis le plus fiable du marché

A micro-tracker equipped with the more performing antenna in the world

Developed in collaboration with the CEA

The Autonomy

I sleep for months

Inetis traceur gps alerte en cas de besoin

If nothing happens I am capable of holding 16 months on standby.

The Discretion

I am the smallest

Traceur GPS le plus petit du marché

You can put me wherever you want


I recharge through induction

Traceur GPS Inetis recharge par induction

To offer you a total tightness within my sealed box

The Simplicity

I am infinitely configurable

Inetis traceur GPS paramétrable à l'infini

With my software INET-OS, you can infinitely configure me and you visualize my information


A 100% French creation

FIND INETWherever safety is your priority.