My Job... accompany you

I sleep

When all goes well, i’am autonomous for 16 month on standby mode

Your loved ones

I protect

I alert

In case of an issue and only if necessary,
with precise and prompt geolocation

The movements and data are gathered and can save up to 21,000 locations

I record

I communicate with you in real time!

How it Works

Enter into my software INET-OS

Define my role « my configuration »

Put me or take me where you want

I follow your instructions

I alert you only when needed

I do not warn you with every move

I record your route

You can follow me inlive on the geolocation platform of your choice

For more serenity, the alert can be sent to security professionals

I am unique... Your needs too.

We communicate in real time, to meet your needs

Check my position or record my path.

Follow me in real time with every kind of geolocation platform.

For your serenity, I can be linked to telemonitoring and helpline services.

Giving me new indications of follow-up from a far, by SMS, GPRS or Email in case of alert.

Being informed of my life state:

battery, date & hour, temperature…

This is your choice!

Complementary Options

Inet is deliver with a weld sim card and the software INET-OS
To interract with it a subscription is required

To follow me in real time and communicate by email or GPRS.

The access to a geolocation platform, on PC, tablet or Smartphone

For more safety.

A telemonitoring service that will launch the alert directly to the autority if necessary in a way that you take no risk to recover your goods.

For more serenity.

A helpline service that will launch the alert in case of need, through the concerned center and/or the person, that you have choose to find back those who count to you.

Inet is compatible with all geolocation platforms
and all telemonitoring and helpline services

To better serve the needs

I specialize

→ Alzheimer’s,
→ Loss of reference,
→ Old people,
→ Dependent persons
→ EPHAD, specialized home
→ Retirement home
→ Home support…

→ Isolated worker
→ Workers in hazardous areas
→ Traveling abroad
→ Army Force
→ Protection of children

→ A Compagny
→ An Institution
→ A Retailer
→ An Insurance
→ An Association…


you have the embedded intelligencewithin easy reach

FIND INETWherever safety is your priority.